Data Collection

We collect event data for teams and players in competitions around the world, using our own cutting-edge technology.

Our Data Collection Strategy

Oval Insights has invested in state-of-the-art technology and the best-in-class personnel to support our strategy.

Modern Technology

Oval Insights uses highly advanced and modern technology to improve the accuracy of data collection.

Improved Structure

Oval Insights creates data that can be analysed for specific phases or combinations of players.

More Events

Oval Insights continues to collect more events (such as pass types, kick outcomes, set piece effectiveness etc), providing data in more granular detail.

Continued Innovation

Oval Insights has a programme of advancement that will continue to bring benefits to all stakeholders across the rugby landscape.

Collected using our bespoke live tool, Oval Insights’ low latency feeds offer real-time data as the match unfolds. Our push/pull live APIs can be used to power broadcast graphics, match centres, scoring apps and more insight into the game as it takes place. With data available at a team, player and event-level, our live data solutions can support all aspects of the match day experience.

Live Data

Oval Hub

Oval Hub will offer the following capabilities:

  • Download a video file of the entire match.
  • Download video files of alternative angles for selected matches.
  • Obtain data files with time-coded data that correspond to the video files.
  • Use an interface to search for clips within these matches without having to download the files.
  • Search for data and video on a player, team or referee.
  • Download match, competition and referee reports.