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Oval is rugby’s leading data and analytics provider. Our machine-learning models can help teams find an edge on the field, and help leagues and broadcasters tell more compelling stories about the game. All of this is powered by our own rigorous data collection technology, and integrated with Stuart Farmer Media Services, the sport’s most complete historical archive.

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Data Collection

We collect event data for teams and players in competitions around the world, using our own cutting-edge technology.

Leagues & Broadcaster Analytics

We help leagues and broadcasters tell more engaging stories about rugby, using machine-learning algorithms to predict and enhance the game.

Player Recruitment Analytics

We help coaches and C-Suite execs identify hidden talent, using an expected points (xP) model that can accurately quantify how much value players are adding.


We help sportsbooks create the best betting experiences for customers by providing accurate sports data and bespoke content.


Through our advanced data collection system and expected points (xP) model, we are able to provide accurate player stats, predictions and content to Fantasy Games.

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